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Action sedan år 2005 – Habo Ljung Kite Beach och Landskrona

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Max fyra deltagare per instruktör med två kompletta utrustningar

Beach House

Beach House – Omklädningsrum, toalett, café och parkering

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11 års erfarenhet som IKO certifierad kiteskola med utbildade instruktörer

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Vi tyckte det var grymt skoj! Jättenöjda med kursen i Malmö
– Anna och Richard
Jag är så nöjd med kursen! Det var himla svårt, men galet kul. Jag fick blodad tand!
– Tove Samuelsson
Vill berömma instruktören som tålmodigt förklarade med ett leende på läpparna!
– Nina
Instruktören är duktig och förtroendeingivande. Helsåld!!!
– Jacob Lejd
Upplägget var perfekt. Lättsamt, kul och personligt. Mycket bra instruktör!
– Fredrik Nytorpe
Tycker det var en bra genomförd kurs. Jag är helt såld.
– Johan Strandqvist

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  • 2-dagars kitekurs
  • IKO level 1, 2 & 3
  • IKO-certifikat
  • Vindgaranti

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  • 1-dags kitekurs
  • IKO level 1 & 2
  • IKO-certifikat
  • Vindgaranti

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  • 3 tim kitekurs
  • IKO level 1
  • Prova på kurs
  • Vindgaranti

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Från 1990 kr

  • Privatlektion
  • IKO level 1 till 3
  • 3, 6 eller 9 tim kurs
  • Vindgaranti

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IKO Instructor Training Course

Interview with Arvid Eiranson

IKO Instructor Training Course with Kitelife

I grew up on Gotland and moved to Åre to study on a leadership education as a wilderness and adventure guide. At the moment I live in Stockholm and work for an activity and event company while studying at university. The last two seasons I have been working on Gotland Surf Center with my colleague Niclas Högberg, a fantastic instructor and person. I did the IKO Instructor Training Course with him at the IKO certified kite center Kitelife in Malmö.

I started kitesurfing on Gotland, which I think is Sweden’s best kite spot. We have a cabin next to my favorite spot and it was my dad who opened my eyes to the sport. His interest lasted for two days only. He bought all kite equipment but never used it. After the equipment had been in the garage a few years, I borrowed it over a summer. It made me curious about the ocean, beach and nature that had never interested me before. It was the start of a new life with outdoor experiences like skiing in Åre, guiding in Central America, wave surf in Hoddevik and kitesurfing on Gotland and the west coast.

Being a kitesurfing instructor is the best job I ever had. It’s a magical feeling to teach others to kitesurf at my home spot in Gnisvärd. The funniest and most challenging about the profession is the pedagogy. To be a master of teaching for the participants to learn effectively. You find your own style of teaching and it is then you can relax in your leadership role and really have fun. A good tool to use as a kite instructor is to ask questions to the participants and let them answer to check that they have kept up with what you teach. Furthermore, I’m not an person that talk to much to the participants while instructing. The instructor role is fun and I will continue with it as long as I can.

It was fun to be at the amazing kitespot Habo Ljung Kite Beach while I have not been there before. IKO Instructor Training Course was really great and well organized. Jens Nerbring who was my IKO examiner was absolutely amazing and I learned a lot from him. He has such an obvious sense of humor, is incredibly great to teach and got me easily to keep up with the tempo in the course. It is important to have a good role model in my work and so was Jens for me.

When you work as a kitesurfing instructor it is important to have an open mind and realize that you will never be fully learned. It is important to be a person who likes to talk and to be a leader with teaching skills. It’s a profession with a lot of responsibility and it requires a good safety approach in all situations. As an instructor, you have a lot of responsibility and when you become mature in the role it gives you a lot of freedom which is lovely.

For those who are considering becoming kitesurfing instructor I have one word to say – Go! If it appears that you do not want to work as a kite instructor you have at least learned a lot about the sport. It is also a great way to meet other people who loves the sport. We were a bunch of curious people who took the course and we learned a lot from each other. As an IKO certified kitesurfing instructor you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world. Just look at Malin Hörting, she is a role model in the sport proving that the profession can take you anywhere. She has been in New Zealand and Coco Island as a kite instructor for a few years now.

Recently I bought an old VW bus and in the summer I’m going to the Atlantic coast of Europe and surf all day long. Being able to stay and live wherever I want and get up early in the morning to be alone with the wind and waves is something I’ve dreamed of. There I will continue to practice my favorite trick unhooked front roll. The priority is to surf with twin-tip but also try to learn wave kite and there will probably be some wave surfing. I start with a week in Denmark and then drive to Biarritz and San Sebastian. The forecast will determine where I end up surfing.

//Arvid Eiranson

Join an IKO Instructor Training Course and become a IKO certified kitesurfing instructor in June 2017 Malmö, Sweden! 

Arvid Eiranson - IKO Instructor Training Course Arvid Eiranson - IKO Instructor Training Course

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